Wednesday, April 27, 2011

No longer cranky

Just like everyone else, I get cranky too. I am over it. I had to work on a business project today that relied on someone properly preparing some documents, they failed and I wasted a day. I should be cranky about that; but, we just work through it.

On a heavier note, a one mile wide tornado went through a town, I cannot comprehend a one mile wide tornado, is that common? I don't think so and surely do not wish to see one. Lots of tornadoes this year.

What is causing this anomalous weather? It is not climate change, we are at the same elevation and it is not global warming, that doesn't cause the magnetic pole to shift. Why are so many people reporting mass animal deaths? Why are the bees dying? Are these things connected and if so, how? Too many anomalies at one time.

Most people's view of the world is limited, they presume that the world is static and it is not. When tragedies like Katrina or the one in Japan occur, we are reminded of how tentative our time here is and how limited we are in controlling the world. That makes people feel uncomfortable.

I am on an internet forum and was commenting on something, one of the commentors did not like my writing style, they found it somewhat condescending, I don't believe it is, it is just my style. Because it is not a common style, they found it uncomfortable and we do like our comfort. The world is acting oddly and that makes people uncomfortable. They wonder what tomorrow will bring, they wonder if they will be able to get cookies and goodies or if everything will disappear.

The world is changing and we face some problems; but, the world has changed before and we have faced problems before. Most people know very little about how the world is run, they didn't want to know. With momentous changes people are wondering what is going on and many are scared. They try and read; but, it is a little late to think that they can put all of the pieces together correctly, too much fear and too little time.

There are people like Alex Jones and Rense that are saying that the world elite want to kill 90% of the population or put everyone in FEMA camps. There are others who believe we are about to achieve some type of enlightenment or that the world is going to end (one preacher says it will end in May). There are things going on and the world does have leaders and they do conspire, it is called diplomacy. If you do not understand the language of diplomacy then it seems more ominous than it is.

The problem is that whatever is going on, it is being dealt with and the rich do not want us all to die, that is silly. Some will point to what is known as the Georgia Guidestones which say the earth should be kept at 500,000,000 people; but, it doesn't say people should be killed.

Rather than telling people the truth, even it it is unpleasent, we are told half truths and bombarded with contradictory information, that does not help anything. Having said all of that I wish to give a hypothetical. If you were the President and you were told a meteor was going to hit the earth, how would you handle it? Would you tell everyone or wait till the last minute and let them enjoy the time they have? Again, I am a Christian and don't believe the world will end, that is not what it says in my bible. As for the Mayan calendar, I have a calendar to and it expires in December after that I will buy a new one for next year.

The housing market and the stock markets collapses were intentionally done, I know that one. The question is why. Partly I believe it was done so that the system could be changed. Nobody in their right mind would want to see their own country plunged into poverty and certainly not the people in the intelligence community. I have considered these options and don't by it. The most likely scenerio is that something is causing changes in the earth and they are preparing for more catastrophes. Sometimes the earth does that, it twists and turns.

I live in Los Angeles and we have earthquakes. The first time someone experiences an earthquake they want to move to the midwest, not me, I don't like tornadoes and I don't fear earthquakes. Telling me that the big one could be coming means nothing, I have known that my whole life.

People point to occult symbolism in music and movies, they are there, that doesn't mean they are ominous. There is a club and most people are not members; but, do you really believe that those who are want us all dead? I don't think so. There are those who point out masonic and other symbolism used by Jay Z and Lady Gaga, they do use the symbolism; but, do you really believe they want to see all of their fans killed, that is crazy. Lady Gaga may be slightly odd; but, she loves her fans. I am pretty sure that Jay Z does to, he gives a lot to charity.

There have always been insiders. Every society and every clique has it's own symbolism and ritual. If Jay Z and Lady Gaga were trying to manipulate the world as part of some grand plan of the New World Order then they wouldn't openly wear the symbolism.

There is a movement for a one world government, it is not hidden, it is openly discussed. I disagree with it; but, I do understand what they believe. Rockefeller wrote in his book that he believed in it and I am sure he does. I am against many things, I am against transhumanist philosophy; but, I do believe they believe what they want will be better for people.

What I find interesting is that these things are being openly discussed, I think that is good. You chip and bar code things to better manage the inventory, not to destoy it. Yes, I know the Nazi's tattooed people, that wasn't to kill them, it was to manage them. A terrible thing and we are not animals and should not be treated as such; but, you don't need to track things with numbers to kill them.

I understand that there are those who believe putting RFID chips in people has benefits and it does. By chipping people you prevent identity theft and can find lost children. There are many benefits to chipping; but, it is wrong. It is wrong because it is would allow for too much control and mischief. It is wrong because it is not worth the cost to privacy.

We are moving towards a universal currency. This is not evil in and of itself. Some will say that it was predicted in Revelations and it was; but, it didn't say it was evil, just a sign of the times. It also said there would be earthquakes; but, they are not evil either, just the earth moving.

The government is good at keeping secrets especially when it needs to; but, the more people involved and the more likely it will come out. People will defect from any organization, just like the soldiers did in Libya, rather than kill their countrymen. The Bohemian Grove is a real place and the rich and powerful do meet there and have bizarre, pagan rituals. It is purely symbolic to 99% of the people who attend. Nixon attended and was taped saying how "faggy" it was. That is not me using the term. Nixon was not stupid and he was not pagan. Nixon, I believe, was a Quaker, his college was. If Nixon had attended and thought the rich wanted to kill us all, I think he would have said something.

Something is going on and something is always going on. Having said that a team of well trained wack jobs known as contingency planners are on it. Nothing escapes their screen, nothing, they got a plan for everything and they plan for mass success. Contingency planners try to find ways to make things better for those they protect and we have some of the best in the world, if not the best.

Are there people who would take advantage of the majority of us, yeah, of course. Can these people fool the contingency planners, not on a bet, they barely understand them. Greenspan is a very smart man, very high IQ and the same Briggs Meyers as me (means sick planner). He knew the market would crash, he knew the housing and stock markets would crash, guarenteed. He also knew there was a plan.

Warren Buffet is a decent man by every account, he certainly is not selfish nor foolish. Bill Gates is a decent man by every account, he is also not selfish or foolish. Mr. Gates believes in birth control, he does not believe in killing millions or billions of people, I cannot accept that that is in his heart when he gives away all that he has to charity. I don't buy it. The Rockefellers, maybe; but, then again maybe not. I cannot believe that no Rockefeller would reject such a plan, I don't buy that.

Mr. Buffet aside from being honest and the greatest investor in history is not a selfish man, he believes in meritocracy and worked his way up from the bottom. He was on 60 minutes and said he was protecting the asses of the masses. I believe he means it, he is not from the "elite", he was one of us. Bill Gates did not create Microsoft in order to rule the world, he was a computer nerd, he likes technology, he wanted everyone to have access to computers.

There is something going on and I don't know exactly what yet. I read all the crazy stuff and still don't know; but, I know something is going on and so do others, others like me. We read everything and look for anomalies to track, too many, more than I have ever seen in my lifetime occurring at one time and no reasonable explanations.

There are bad people in the world and good people can be manipulated; but, Lincoln was correct, you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. If the world were to end tomorrow, we would still have today, lets enjoy it and enjoy each others company. Be well.

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