Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I am Irish and don't have a love for aristocracy. I don't believe in Kings or Queens and I don't believe we are commoners. That is the starting point; but, I also try to be fair. Prince William got married and it was watched worldwide. I must say that his wife is a beautiful woman and her sister is pretty hot too.

I didn't watch the wedding, some short videos were on Yahoo news. A big deal was made over a little girl who found the noise to be a bit much, Princess Katherine tried to reassure her, a very human moment. As much as I don't believe we should have aristocracy, they are still human.

I still like the song by the Sex Pistols about the monarchy, a fascist regimn; but they didn't ask to be members of it either. Prince William was like any other person, you don't get to pick your parents. It must have been hard to see his parents divorce and his mother die, he is human too and that must have really hurt.

The English were not very good to my family or our country. They stole our country (Ireland) and made us second class citizens in our land; but, it was not Prince William and I cannot blame him or hate him for it. My great grandfather fought the English and killed a soldier and that is why he had to leave and come to America.

I don't know much about Prince William or his bride, I do know that a couple of kids just got married and I wish them well as I would wish any newlyweds. I don't like what President Obama or President Bush did; but, they are people to and we need to keep that in mind.

There is a guy named David Icke,he believes that the royal family are alien shape shifting mutants. I don't buy it, they look pretty human to me. I think we have to get away from vilifying people because of who they were born to. I think we need to spend more time trying to understand one another. Be well.

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