Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You Matter No Matter What the UN Says

Bolivia plans on introducing legislation in the United Nations that would give the earth same rights as a person. Here is the article. Let me give you my take on it.

The earth is not a person. We are legislating a lie in order to achieve a goal, goals based on lies never work. It does not matter how important you think the goal is, the ends do not justify the means.

Under this legislation, representatives could sue on behalf on the earth. In other words any idiot that wants to can sue over anything that he thinks is not in the best interest of the earth. That will make it almost impossible to do any new projects unless you are on an existing site or spend obscene amounts of money. Funny thing is, you won't blame the UN or the government, you will blame those wacky environmentalist that sue.

Some will applaud this effort; but, they miss the bigger issue, truthfulness. A society can be based on many things, if truthfulness is not at the core then dishonesty becomes prevalent. It is the truth of government. When your government is based on a lie nobody has a reason to believe anything. We need to return to truthfulness and address problems head and on and level headed.

Finally, I will address the lie itself. They are telling you two lies. The first lie is that the earth is a sentient being. The second lie is that you are not as important as a gigantic rock of which there are trillions and beyond in the universe. They are saying that the earth is unique and that you are not. You are unique, we, us humans are the only thing that matters.

We are part of the sentience of the universe. There is nothing more important than us. You might want to tell me that animals are sentient, yes, they are and they are less aware than us, we are more important than animals. We are not more important because of what we have done or what we can do, we are more important because we are the limit of what can experience the universe. We are the most complex creations in the universe. I want make this clear, not the purist, the most complex.

Trees cannot love, rocks cannot love, people can love. I have a dog, it does not love me, it adores me, it worships me. I appreciate that it has feelings so deep; but, it cries when I leave, everyday. It does not do what is best for it when I am around, it will not eat unless I am where the food it, it follows me instead. It is not a complete sentient being because it's emotions over rule it's needs, not urges, needs. That is not a healthy relationship. I love my dog; but, I want what is best for him and being with me may not best, not if he is to grow.

Planets don't grow, they are limited in that arena, they are rocks.

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