Thursday, May 19, 2011

Brain Not Working

I had a thought, or at least I thought I did; but, perhaps I was wrong. I saw that the Catholic Church is now telling it's leadership that they should fully cooperate with the police when they believe one of their own has molested a child. I applaud this and believe it is a good first step. It is about time that believers stopped hiding our mistakes and start correcting them and not worry about what non-believers think.

The head of the International Monetary Fund was arrested in New York for forcing sex on a worker at a hotel. Arrogance is no longer being rewarded in the same way. The man was married and prided himself on being a ladies man. Pride goeth before a fall.

On another note, Mr. Stephen Hawkins spouted out that he thought God was a "fairy tale" believed by people who were afraid of death. I told you he is a douchbag and nothing has changed. Who cares what he thinks God is, I didn't know he had special knowledge. He will, he will know when he dies and we all die. He is an arrogant, vile, little man. Genius doesn't make you right or nice.

He discounts the importance of you. That is not what I say on this blog. YOU MATTER. He says because there is no God and no afterlife that therefore we don't matter. He said our lives our meaningless, his may be, yours and mine are not. YOU MATTER. If you speak to God and are wrong, you are just a series of mechanical experiences deluding itself that it matters. Guess what, you are still right, you exist right now and you feel and you matter. Math is a lie, you exist. Bees fly. You matter and your feelings matter and your experience matters because YOU FEEL IT. Stephen Hawkings is still a douchebag. He believes math is more important that people.

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