Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Note to All Readers

I have to clarify something and I wrote about this long ago. This is my blog and I will write about what I. want, this blog will not be hijacked by anyone. I am solely responsible for what I write and the comments that allow. I choose the subject matter, it is not a forum, it is a blog and it is mine.

If people have issues that they wish to present to the world, this is not the place, they need to use a Forum on something like Above Top Secret or start their own blogs, I highly recommend both; but, the direction, tone and tenor of this blog is mine.

I allow anonymous comments and have only refused a few, I have explained why to the audiance each time. I edit my words and the words of others, it is not a right to post comments, it is a privledge as this is a blog. I have a friend who is an ex-professional poker player, he was upset when the poker sites went down. I showed him how to get on Blogger and create his own, his place to raise his issues. This is a place for me to raise mine.

I have a friend who owns a website, I was kicked off the site for not following the rules and the rule was, it was her site and she made the rules. We are still friends and I think the world of her. I never went back and have not tried to, I know and told her that I would break the rules again and I know which rule I would break. I find it annoying when people attempt to use my bully pulpit as there own, it is not.

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