Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Cute Question. but I have an answer

Here is a link to a column including a video. Gay Marriage. I have previously posted that I don't care if homosexuals have a government validated marriage, I just don't care.

Let us get beyond homosexuality, the speaker in the video asked if we choose based on nature or nurture, we may have urges; but, all choice is based on our individual existance, experience and intent and knowledge. He presumes that are robots who respond to urges without any control over our actions, that is garbage. I don't hate homosexuals; but, don't you dare tell me that I am a robot with no choice over my decisions, that is a lie. Neither nature or nurture determine my choices, that is the lie, I choose my choices and accept responsibility for them, would he deny me free will and the answer is that he does, he says my answers are based on nature or nurture, not me. Well guess what, they are based on me and he can f off.

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