Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Physics, Biology and Spirituality

If one believes in a God then one must assume that nature works as he intended it to. If that is so then it is a reflection of how he thinks. What can we learn about God by studying his creation and how it works? We can learn a lot.

Let us consider physics first. Simple laws known as Newtonian physics work real well at explaining the world we see and experience, up is up, cold is cold, fast is fast etc... Now we come to quantum physics and nothing works, the rules that we experience in the world don't apply and other strange things begin to be found. There is not enough matter to explain gravity and unconnected things share experiences (my favorite, the spooky effect). What does say about the universe about God?

Perhaps we can view the quantum universe as where we go, heaven. We don't need alternate universes other than the one we know, the quantum universe. That is why science cannot find a universal truth that unites the two realities. That schism, that differance in the laws that rule both prove God because nothing else can explain it, science cannot. We have spent billions creating atom smashers and we still can't find an answer that doesn't require the supernatural. Scientists turn to alternate universes, is that not supernatural and contrary to Einstien and common sense. Funny thing is they can accept alternate universes only as long as their is no God and that is silly, they exclude the explanation and accept the supernatural.

What are the differences between the quantum and atomic realities are is God. The creator if you will, the nexus between the true reality, the totality and our partial experience of it. It is the unknowable to that which is incomplete and it doesn't matter. Science seeks the "God particle" in order to disprove God, do you not find that amusing?

How should God reveal himself to us? It says that he does it in nature; but, quantum physics is relatively new, so how did he reveal himself to those who in the past, nature. How does nature work, things duplicate, split, seperate and grow on their own, if they are matches then they find each other and created more varied examples of a thought, of a being. Variation is nature, singularity is death, that is what Darwin taught. It is not about survival of the fittest, it is about survival of the thread that can handle the most variation. Neanderthal did not vary as much as Homo Sapiens did. Couldn't survive some change. He was stronger and more advanced; but, he couldn't go as far, he couldn't continue advancing.

Consider thinking of everything as a thought. A rock is a thought, a drop of water is a thought. Science says that all matter is also information, data. I call that data a thought, not just information, that assumes that it exists apart from observation. It is proven in science that observing a thing changes the thing even if it does not know it is being observed, that is spooky and implies sentience rather than materialism. I am sure in the future I will be able to clarify and simplify these thoughts; but, this is all you get today.

What then is spirtuality, it is the observation of nature and the understanding that there is something more at work, that this did not just all happen and that there is a cause, a reason, a sentience. There is a famous physicist that said there is no God and the only thing we know is real is matter, how foolish, he disregarded the fact that he existed as a sentient being, the only thing he could really know.

Quantum physics is now attempting to say that the only real thing is the subatomic and that we are a projection of it or that we live in a fractal universe (basically the same answer), the final attempt at denying God is that we are not matter at all; but, instead are vibrations or electricity. These logical extensions will also fail because the basic questions never change, explain sentience and they fail.

Sentience, self awareness, the experience of pain and emotions is not logical, it is quantum, it is supernatural because rocks do not feel pain, they have no emotions, only living things respond to stimuli. Imagine pain, think of the most intense pain you ever experienced and you know the truth, you are real and you matter and the truth is inside you, you know what you are.

I have once again slipped into a spiritual discussion; but, it is not what is discussed in church. It is not what is discussed by those who grew up believing, it is what I have thought out and investigated and concluded, it is not perfect, it is a piece of the puzzle because we all get to pick our piece to investigate and determine. It may not be the absolute truth; but, it must have an aspect of the truth for it is my truth.

I have issued a challenge to science nerds, I have written a post elsewhere to science nerds asking them to prove that only thing that exists is matter. I know the outcome, they do not, they have a box, I don't. My thoughts are not limited by a box, they are limited by my willingness and I am willing to think out quite a bit. Let us see who is willing to go further, to know more truth, to answer rather than merely ask the tough questions and do so without cheating, they cannot cheat me, I will understand where they took a shortcut, I love my autism.

I am going to say something very deep and philosophical. We cannot know everything, we are not perfect. Jesus could live in both worlds, we can; but, we cannot know all, we can experience both; but, never understand fully either. That is all that partial understanding can achieve. Put simply, you can know what you are capable of knowing and we fail to get close to that. It requires that we accept real knowledge and that means that we accept this life and pain and pleasure and truth and lies and make our own decisions about what it means. Be well.

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