Monday, May 9, 2011

Giving Permission

The head of the Navy Chaplains has said that Chritian chaplians can give gay marriages in states that allow it. Why would a homosexual want a church wedding when the New Testament says homosexuality is a sin? I have said many times that I am a sinner, sinned a bunch today, I was very lustful. I don't ask that it not be a sin and I don't want to be with someone who denies it is a sin.

I have said before, I don't care if gays marry, I don't care if gsys do whatever they do, that is none of my busines. Now I do care about what people claiming to be Christians do and if any "Christian" chaplain conducts such a serimony that he is scum and not a Christian.

I know many gay men and respect them even after the mistakes (not their being gay) that they have made. I love them as other souls trying to figure this all out, I don't condemn any to hell, I want to see them in heaven. If you will marry gays then adulterers are also free and child molestors, where does it end and when do you follow the word? If you don't believe the word then "do as thou wilt"; but don't say you believe the world and then pervert it.

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