Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Post Therefore I Am

So this site, the squalor example of insanity has regular readers from all over the world. I am old and feeble and will one day die. Heck, I look at it as a reward. Stupid doctors keep telling me I should be dead; but, they seem incapable of achieving their goal. They even accidently poisoned me once and still couldn't get it right.

What happens when they finally do? Will someone takeover this blog for me? Our little piece of insanity on the web? Could they, I mean I could give someone the access; but, my readers would know that it was not me writing. I believe that. I guess I don't know what this blog means to people. I mean, it is not theme orientated, I talk about all kinds of stuff.

Will you miss me when Pimpernel is gone? For now, I am just glad that we all get to meet and exchange what we will. Be well.

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