Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lots of Nonsense at Once

Oops, I destroyed the original post. Oh my. Changed my mind. I had a lovely dinner with an old assistant, he just keeps proving that he was the right one and what a lovely bride he has, very sweet and always asks about me.

I want to talk about being blessed. God blesses who he will with what they can handle, there is a price tag for every blessing. People don't like that, they want the blessing; but, not to earn it. People want to be as brilliant as the mega nerds; but, they don't want to be treated as differant growing up. A choice, free will. The human heart wants all the cookies and none of the pain, give that to the other guy, that is why selfishness is bad, it is cruel.

Let us consider Arnold Shwarzenegger, the wanted to be a family man and sleep around at will, the could afford it; but, it was cruel and selfish. To sleep around meant that he risked hurting others and guarenteed that he had to lie to his wife and children, that distanced him from them in his mind. I wonder how he would feel if he found out Maria had done the same and one of the kids was not truly his, I bet he wouldn't like it as much and the kids even less. What would it feel like to know that the man who you thought was your father was not? Not too good. My stepdaughter knew that I was not her biological father; but, she knew I took being her father as a privledge and seriously. I am sure that she had questions for her biological father; but, she never got to ask them, I wish she could have. I cannot answer for him, only myself.

If I discoverd that one of my biological daughters was not mine, wouldn't change a thing, I love all three equally and for differant reasons, because they are unique, we all are, we just need to accept that and stop trying to get others to be like us completely. Conformity is disgusting.

In a couple of weeks I am going to give this blog address to someone who is currently working on something that could hurt my organization. Hmmm, why? Because they are a Christian and they want to see things. Long story and only they will know when they read this. LMAO. Information once said exists for eternity. Hmmm, that Pimpernel is being wierd tonight, as if there was a night when I wasn't. Be well.


Anonymous said...

I prefer "Friend" Vs. "assistant" if you only had to choose one. I would also be ok with "a friend who was also my assistant". My continued interaction with you is always and will always be of the teacher/pupil nature, but what keeps me coming back is my love and friendship for you. Just a thought.

Pimpernel said...

In my heart, it is "loved one", not assistant or friend, better than that. One that cares also comes to mind.