Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bill Cooper - Behold a Pale Horse

There was a broadcaster named Bill Cooper. Bill Clinton once called him the most dangerous man in America. If you have never heard of him you might enjoy hearing some of his broadcasts.

William Cooper Brotherhood of the Snake Full Length

William Cooper - Chemical and Biological Attack

William Cooper - New World Order Part One

William Cooper - New World Order Part Two

Mr. Cooper was killed by police officers who were dressed up like drunk red necks. He was shot in the back and died. He predicted the 9-11 events in advance and was killed shortly thereafter 9-11.

I have to say that I disagree with Mr. Cooper's belief in the militias. I don't believe in violence as I have said many times. What I find interesting is how he outlined what would happen in the United States because a lot of it has already. It is important to listen to many voices in order to determine what you believe. You also have to know which parts to believe and which not to.

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