Sunday, November 20, 2011

Will U.C. Davis Lose in Court

Two quick points, the police officer that pepper sprayed the students at UC Davis, well, his name has been published in the news. The protesters have also announced that they plan to sue in court.

The Sacramento Bee, which used to be a decent paper, posted a very biased article. 10 Occupy protesters arrested at UC Davis quad

The article begins with this,"A confrontation between police and Occupy protesters at UC Davis ended Friday afternoon with the arrest of 10 students after police officers used pepper spray to force protesters from an encampment in the campus quad, according to protest supporters and a campus spokeswoman."

What, did the spokesman not view the video or do they just not care about the truth and how could the "reporter" not bring this into question. Does that look the people getting pepper sprayed had surrounded the police? You can watch the video it is linked to in one of my earlier posts. Does that cop look scared of the kids sitting on the ground, were they intimidating him by sitting down. Does it look like they are preventing him from doing anything?

Do the people getting pepper sprayed look like they are inside an encampment? The first picture is the one published by the Sacramento Bee to accompany the story. The second picture is what really happened. That my friends is media dishonesty and propaganda. Read the article in the Bee and watch the video and tell me that the reporter was unbiased.

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