Sunday, November 27, 2011

Busy Weekend

At the last minute I had to leave my house on Friday, drive about 150 miles and give some advice and spend some time with a relative of mine. I came back today just in time to finish a sermon that someone had to come in and begin at the last minute because of my being delayed.

I haven't even finished eating my sandwich and that is all that I have had all day along with some water and a cup of coffee. After service we had a half out meeting and then rush off home. Got here and tried to catch up on the news. My brain is frazzled and I feel rushed because I feel how little time I have before I have to sleep. Had a great time; but, I love coming home.

I am not really big on travel anymore; haven't been for awhile. I love where I live and sitting at my little table, just reading and writing. I like the tranquility and quiet, I have had too much turmoil and noise the last few years. Still, we find reasons that we have to travel on occasion and should enjoy it when we do. I just know that coming home is even more fun than traveling.

Anyways, over the last few days my relative and I were discussing politics, the what and how of it and what the proper approach is to it. I kept re-iterating the concept of the representative and defining what it meant. To go straight from that to discussing the concept of the hope within you is interesting.

I said that if you are a Christian than the bible says that we should always have an answer for the hope that lies within us. That is generally used to refer to our salvation and it does; but, as Christians we should have more hope than just our salvation if we are to love others as ourselves it would be for salvation for all. That is real hope.

The hope within us should include our believing that God makes everything work to his plan. We should look at everything to see how it can be used to help, learn from, know to avoid, whatever. We should eek the good out of every bad situation, not deny it was bad; but, find a way to learn from it our use it to help others.

Supposedly tonight at 12:01 the police are going to remove people from the park surrounding L.A. City Hall. I wonder if it will go peacefully or if the police will use force and then we can read in the papers how a confrontation occurred at Occupy L.A., then again, what if they do leave and no use of force is needed. What would that say. There is a man named Ron Kaye, in general I like what he has to say; but, he is being a bit of a weasel right now. He referred to the protesters are the red rabble and now is saying that he things they should force a confrontation.

I have always considered Mr. Kaye to be a progressive and supporter of "good government" and cannot understand why neither the left, the right, the progressives or the Tea Party can find any agreement with the Occupy movement. I believe it is because they have been unable to utilize them for their own political ends.

My relative plans on running for office. My advice was simple, don't let any supporters change your message just to get elected. Run on your ideas and if people elect you then do what you said you would do because if they vote for you they are saying that your ideas represent them.

My prayer is that nobody gets hurt tonight and that all ends peacefully in Los Angeles. I hope all of us find some peace this week and find ways to help one another rather than lead one another or harm one another. Be well.

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