Sunday, November 27, 2011

To New Readers

I have seen an amazing amount of new readers. While I don't know exactly what to make of it, especially the rise in views from Russia, welcome. Look around, read my oldest posts and anything in between. Don't know how you got here or what you expect and it doesn't really matter, I say what I feel when I think it.

Please feel free to post comments either with your login or anonymously. The site is not monetized, identifies it's quotes and gives attributes it's links. There is no reason to agree with everything I write, much is meant to raise questions more than provide answers. I am much more about discussing perspective than proving how others should think, I didn't live your life and only know what I have learned.

This site is not about telling you the truth, it is about raising questions and providing scenarios to consider. Some of my hypotheticals are very complicated and created in conjunction with others. Others are spur of the moment. It really doesn't matter. The issue for others is not if I am right or wrong, it is whether or not you have fully explored the possibilities, we never can, yet, we can expand on what those possibilities are. In the end, only you know what your truth is, the one that is inside of you. Be well.

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