Monday, November 21, 2011

UC Davis chancellor says student safety dictated tent removal

This article is from the Sacramento Bee. UC Davis chancellor says student safety dictated tent removal.
Is that what was on the officer's minds, they were trying to protect the health of the students by shooting industrial strength pepper spray into their faces? Are there no nurses or doctors on the campus that could have given the kids physicals, it seems more sensible. If I am not mistaken the police were also carrying weapons that looked like paintball guns, maybe they were really advanced medical equipment; but, it didn't look that way to me.

Now if we can cut through the spin and lies, we all should be able to figure out what happened. Around a dozen students decided to pitch tents on their campus in support of the Occupy movement. The University did not want it to spread, ordered it's removal and the officers came with an overwhelming show of force in order to make an example of the students in order to intimidate others to not participate in further occupations. That is a much more likely scenario than that they came to protect them from the flu or whatever nonsense.

Rather than sending in the campus police with weapons and body armor, maybe the Chancellor could have walked down to the encampment and talked to the students and worked out something where they could have camped during the day and returned to their dorms at night. Certainly something could have been attempted rather than sending the police to break it up. The Chancellor is probably very well paid, I would have hoped she could have come up with better answers.

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