Thursday, January 19, 2012

Three Parents Genetically

Our good friends at "Lets Play God" have found a new game to play. Using the genetic makeup of three people (two women and one man) to create a baby. Eventually we will be able to totally select a persons genetic makeup, this could get expensive. What if we could take your personality, the intelligence of Einstein, the beauty of Natalie Portman (I personally would think Natalie Wood), the strength of Mike Tyson and whatever other traits you wanted and design your child, would you do it? My guess is that my readers would not; but, would others? What does this type of science lead to, it will only be successful if it has an economic return and obviously there are those who believe their efforts will make them money.

Here is the article. The Independent - 'Three-parent IVF' may be made legal in UK, says minister

How many dangerous roads do we want to travel down at the same time? We have destroyed our economy, are gene splicing human cells with non-human cells and creating babies from three people. There is plenty that I have left out; but, just those three can lead to consequences that we cannot comprehend. Decisions regarding how we use these things are NOT based on logic; but, are instead based on profit and that ignores important things like ethics and safety.

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