Monday, January 23, 2012

Sorry for not posting

It is Monday and my dog is ill. I am taking my dog to the vet, I don't think it is anything really bad, he hurt his eyelid somehow and just needs some antibiotics and a doggie halo so that he wont rub it, at least that is what I think is needed. The vet wont be open for a couple of hours so I have a moment to write.

My dog, dogs in general, sure love us. I have had cats and had cats I liked; but, there is nothing quite like a dog. I will not become some crazy cat lady; but, I could become the guy that never leaves his dogs side or vice versa. I have had many dogs in my life and loved them; but, I have never had a dog that loved me as much as my current dog, I am the center of his universe. Funny how we can be the center of another animals universe and it only happens with dogs and people.

Anyways, I am sure my dog will be fine after we see the vet and in the meantime I wish you and yours well. Peace.

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