Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Modest Proposal On Government

We have a problem, we have lots of problems and the government is no longer looking out for the citizens, it is only looking out for specials interests and we all know it. Congress has about a 10% approval rating, that means 9 out of 10 of us no longer trust congress. Oh, the Presidents isn't trusted by most of us either. The problem is we don't really get to pick the candidates because it costs so much to even run for local office and over a billion dollars to run for president.

The Tea Party tried running their candidates; but, they got nowhere. Ron Paul is an Ayn Rand following extremists and he sounds more reasonable than the people we are electing. The Occupy movement wanted to see change; but, they didn't want to use the system because they had no trust in the system. Both the Tea Partiers and Occupiers agree on somethings; but, waste their time arguing with each other over their differences rather than finding out what they agree on. They have been divided and conquered. The rest of us just vote for the lesser of two evils.

My modest proposal is that we create a national initiative. Many states have what is known as "initiatives" and "referendums". My proposal is modest as I believe we should give the people of this nation the ability to directly veto any legislation, we would be able to veto tax breaks for the wealthy and overturn previous legislation such as the Patriot Act. The way to achieve this is by Constitutional Amendment and some states already have state initiative laws in place, which allows them to vote for Constitutional Amendments directly.

Now I believe the Tea Party and many Republicans would vote for this and I believe many liberals and Occupiers would vote for this. We could overrule congress and the president when we disagree with them, including on Treaties. That is an important one believe me. Treaties have the same legal authority as the Constitution and it is how the rights that remain will be taken away.

Getting this legislation voted on by one state will terrify those who currently twist the system for their own benefit at the expense of the rest of us. These people we elected to represent us and do not can be removed. Imagine if one state voted on all federal law via initiative, that is also possible. Not much point in buying off a politician if his residents could over rule him. Think about the possibilities.

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