Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A New Baloney Sandwich and News

Okay, I am going to include some websites that I don't necessarily agree with entirely. I don't like paranoia (except in my personal life) or fear mongering. I also have said many times that I don't believe buying gold will protect you against anything. If any website promotes gold purchases than ask yourself why they don't point out that any transaction for gold worth more than $500 must be reported to the government and that if you have gold that you cannot prove was an approved sale can be confiscated. In either case, the sources were pointed out by these websites so I shall link to them rather than just scavenge the information.

Zerohedge - Jon Stewart Disembowels SecTreas Geithner. A good interview with Timothy Geithner; but, still fails to hit the obvious. Geithner was head of the Treasury and uses the same old baloney that nobody saw what was coming when the economy crashed; but, that is a LIE. The truth is that an inverted yield curve occurred prior to the crash and that is one of the number one things that the Fed looks at to predict recessions and depressions. Greenspan (the then head of the Federal Reserve) was specifically asked by congress if he was concerned about the inverted yield curve and he said that he didn't think it mattered this time. Do you really believe that the Treasury didn't listen to Greenspan when he spoke to congress?

EndoftheAmericanDream - Government Plan Would Transform Israel Into The World’s First Cashless Society. The point is that countries all around the world are moving to cashless. I thought it was interesting that 80% of all transactions in America are electronic. Those of us that are older still use cash and checks and we don't notice how few others do. That which you abhor and ignore becomes invisible to you. I talk to people my age and older and mention these things and they say they never pay attention to them or that they don't want to use electronic payments, they miss the point, this is what is coming. The younger people on the other hand complain that they have to wait while people write checks or pay in cash.

Wired - Forget Robots. We’ll Soon Be Fusing Technology With Living Matter. Where is PETA when you could actually use them. I read this article a while back about a pig in China who lived a tortured life with a tube in it's stomach to retrieve some sort of bile from it. It had a baby piglet and they did the same to the baby so it killed the baby rather than see it live in such pain. When we play with the genetics of other species are we not evil? I don't mind eating meat, I like it. I do however detest torture on any living being.

Yahoo - Google Reveals Self-Driving Car with No Steering Wheel or Brakes. Here is the thing about a world of self driving cars, you won't be able to drive them to places you are not allowed to even if you want to.

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