Monday, May 26, 2014

Nigel Farage and Other News

For the past couple of years I have mentioned and Englishman named Nigel Farage. Mr. Farage is the leader of UKIP which is sort of the British version of the Tea Party. They have been pretty much vilified by the existing British parties and were deemed a fringe group. They are against open immigration with other EU countries and want to leave the European Union.

Now most Americans have probably never heard of UKIP or care about whether or not England is part of the EU. Heck, most Americans don't even know what the EU is. The European Union is a financial and political organization that includes most of Europe. The EU began as a free trade zone and overtime morphed into something more. Now about 70% of the laws in Britain come from the EU. It began to prove it's real intent and that is to be a United States of Europe, one large nation.

Now, if the Europeans want to become one country, I certainly would not have a problem with it. People should be free to organize as they like. The problem as Mr. Farage and others see it is that the people did not get a chance to vote on whether or not they would be in the EU. The people in the EU do not even get to vote on who the President of the EU is and most people do not know his name. His name is Herman Van Rompuy and is Belgian.

The reason I bother mentioning any of this is so that you understand what is happening and what is coming. Mr. Farage wants to see England vote against membership in the EU and all the other parties support being in the EU. Well, on Sunday Mr. Farage's party got more votes than the other parties and now he will be pushing even harder for a vote on EU membership and it has a lot of EU supporters scared. The story of his party is the story of the week, not the story of the shootings in Santa Barbara or the Kardashian marriage. Nope, the story that is going to effect you and all of us is the future of the EU.

Now to other news.

Investors Business Daily - Apple might buy Beats Electronics with foreign cash. So the word is that Apple was looking to buy Beats electronics with money made overseas so that they won't have to pay taxes in the United States.

Wired - Prepare for Nightmarish Swarms of Google Robot Cars, Says Zipcar Founder
. The bottom line of the article is that the person who heads Zipcar (a car sharing service) sort of attacked the idea of self driving cars by saying that they would only cause more cars to be on the road doing errands for the owners without the owner having to experience the wait. The real story is what she said later, "The solution may be ensure that autonomous cars become the new public transportation, rather than private possessions. Instead of being owned by individuals, they should be owned by cities or by rental car and ride-sharing companies, Chase argues." As I have said many times, the attack is upon personal mobility, not mobility as a whole.

Wired - Darpa Turns Oculus Into a Weapon for Cyberwar. Oculus is a virtual reality headset and it was developed for gamers while the real intent has always been warfare.

Yahoo - Reuters - IMF's Lagarde calls for closer cooperation among central banks. The International Monetary Fund head is calling for more "cooperation" among the world's Central Banks, or a one world financial policy. Now this will not happen tomorrow; but, I see the EU ceding monetary control to the United Nations through either the World Bank or the IMF.

No Article - I don't usually talk about "popular" topics because there is more than enough written and said about them that they are not worth discussing until much later. I want to talk about what happened in Santa Barbara. Firstly, I attended some of the same schools as the killer and lived in the same area many years ago. He made a few videos and in the last one he said how he wanted to be adored by women and hated them for not doing so. Satan wanted to be adored, a friend of mine told me that about someone else. We can speculate as to why he came to believe the things he did; but, in the end he wanted to be God and was willing to do anything to prove that he should be, that he was better than humans who he referred to as dumb animals. The thought that led to the carnage was that people don't matter and they do. Everyone of you matters, even people like the killer; but, they choose to be their own gods and in the end they may get the hell they wish for. Lets be the best we can and pray for grace and forgiveness and show the same.

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