Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Blaming the Victim - Corporate Loving Psychopaths

Huffington Post - Why Many Unemployed Workers Will Never Get Jobs. So this scumbag that is supposed to be a motivational speaker and writer wrote an article in the Huffington Post about how the reason why young people don't have jobs is because they have the wrong attitude. Lets examine the points he attempts to make.

He starts by saying that, "Despite steady but slow economic improvement, unemployed workers aren't finding jobs." First of all, the economy is not improving. Here is a little article from The Economic Collapse - The “Economic Recovery” Continues: Businesses Are Being Destroyed Faster Than They Are Being Created. The article has some nice links including one to the Brookings Institute which points out that businesses are going away quicker than they are being created. If that isn't enough, all you have to do is read the labor statistics to know that we are losing jobs faster than we are creating them. In fact, the only people the economy is improving for is the top .1%. The bottom 99% is making less and less each year.

He next explains that the solution is job training. Seeing as how he is hired by companies to give that type of training and motivate employees, it seems sort of self serving; but, lets say he is a true believer and doesn't know much about economics, I could live with that. It is what he says next that really ticks me off. He says, "Despite billions of dollars invested in job skill training, it's not helping to reduce the unemployment rate, get more people back to work, and raising the standard of living. Why?" He then explains why, "Thanks to years of economic prosperity, government entitlements, union contracts and most recently a generation of helicopter parents, many workers from aging Baby Boomers to the young adults known as Millennials don't have the motivational skills to achieve their own success, to keep themselves safe, to avoid a personal crisis, and to get themselves out of a jam."

Wait a second, we are losing jobs and businesses and the problem is that people expect to get a job. How is that logical if unemployment is so high and we are losing millions of jobs. How do you blame young people for the over 40 million jobs we lost when they were still in elementary school? THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH JOBS FOR THE PEOPLE WHO WANT ONE, that is a fact and those jobs were shipped off to Communist China, not because of people just enterring the workforce; but, because of a greedy group of people who benefited from this country and don't care about America. That is the truth.

Here is the truth, I have over 40 years of work experience in both the public sector and private industry, I am a physical wreck; but, with all that experience, if I wanted another job (I am retiring), I wouldn't find any competition from some young kid fresh out of college. Lets say you are hiring a salesman who gets paid commission, would you hire a guy with 30 years of experience or a kid fresh out of college and no experience?

This jerk is blaming the victim and says that people should not expect to get a pension or medical or any benefits. Wait a second, he doesn't say anything about the people who employ him and get paid bonuses when the bankrupt their companies. He belittles the people of this country who want a job; but, expect it to pay him enough to have a place to live and food. Oh, he even attempts to use God and says, "I recently mentioned to someone that "God helps those who help themselves." Their response was to tell me God never said that. That is true by the way -- it's not actually in the Bible. But they missed my point." He's right, that isn't in the bible and he clearly misses the points made in the bible. The bible says to pay the worker his due and that we have a chance to know Jesus everyday by helping those in need.

He talks about pulling yourself by your own bootstrap. How are young people supposed to do that when the banks stole all the boot straps. I may be old and not in great shape; but, I worked for a long time and out performed everyone around me for decades and was well paid for it. I am tough on younger people and tell them that they are the only ones that can make their career; but, I also tell them that it is going to be a lot harder and take a lot longer and they will get a lot less. Lets be honest, selfish corporate interests sold out the United States for a quick dollar and have destroyed this country. That in and of itself is bad enough; but, to blame the kids who will have to live wish this is treason, it is un-American and disgusting.

When 10,000 people apply for 100 jobs you cannot tell me that 9,900 did not get a job because they were not motivated enough. People in France have jobs and have a real low productivity compared to Americans. Lets talk about productivity of workers, ours is about the highest, we work longer and harder than European country and with fewer benefits. He doesn't even talk about productivity of workers because that would show what a liar he is. You should also know that our workers productivity has continually increased while compensation has continually remained flat or decreased. How can we have such a highly productive workforce if it is all lazy unskilled people?

Everytime you see someone attacking the workers for expecting to be paid or have jobs in this country, let them know what liars and scum they are. Let them know that you understand that they are blaming the victims of their crimes and selfishness. Do you really want to live in the country these people are creating where your children cannot find work and get blamed for it?

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