Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Taxed For Every Mile, How Many Times Will I Say I Told You So

CBS Los Angeles - Sen. Introduces Bill To Test Out Taxing Motorists For Every Mile They Drive. Years ago I wrote about this and days ago I mentioned it again. There are no accidents. The long term plan is to charge everyone for every mile they drive, that is the plan and mentioned that years ago. I talked about how it was being tested in Oregon and Washington state later. Now two senators in California have introduced a bill in California to do just that on a "voluntary" basis. What a lie. It may start voluntary; but, it will end up mandatory. I wrote about how it will happen at least once and have mentioned it many times.

If we all fight it, they will not be able to pass it and they know that so they will divide and conquer and you will be in favor of it for electric and hybrid vehicles. Do you remember when people who bought hybrids could use the carpool lanes even when they drove by themselves and then they stopped being able to do that, you had to have bought your car before a certain date. New hybrids do not get that right. They just wanted to get people to buy hybrids to prime the industry.

A problem I face when I know what is going to happen is that I can never really be sure if I have discovered the intent or merely see how a thing will evolve and be used down the road (excuse the pun). Be that as it may be, this is what is coming and then some more things. Oh, I forgot. Remember a couple of days ago when I posted an article about how the Federal government was going to allow states to charge for the use of the interstates when they had never been allowed to before? Think maybe this is a coincidence? It is not, it was planned. They did not come up with this bill in two days, it takes longer than that, it takes a lot of thought to write a bill; but, if you introduce it to soon then the fact that we are all being played becomes obvious to any who bother looking and understand how these things are done and maybe has done them too.

The news report goes on to interview a person who bought a hybrid to save gas. They claim they already pay enough; but, it is obvious they pay little to maintain the roads because they have a hybrid. They pay less than people who do not have hybrids because they use less gas; but, in reality hybrids are heavier and take a heavier toll on the roads. That is just a fact. This is how you are being set up, most people do not own hybrids and will find it unfair that people who do, don't help maintain the roads they ride on. Heck, the average hybrid owner has more money than the average guy owning an average car, that will come up at some time as it must if we are to allow them to divide and conquer.

Lets get back to the article that I posted a couple of days ago about how it was now going to be legal for states to tax people for riding on the interstate. How could they possibly charge people for miles traveled if some of those miles were on the interstate? Answer is, they couldn't legally. See the pattern yet? I have some very smart readers, some very smart readers in particular and I know a lot about transportation as should be obvious. I can smell the future by looking at the infrastructure, the roads and inroads. Another poor pun. I like puns, they are the lowest form of humor and I always shoot for that.

Nobody complained, or very few, when buying a hybrid no longer got you a free pass on vanpool lanes. Nobody will complain when people who buy hybrids are "allowed" to voluntarily pay a per mile tax for using the roads. Once they make the law mandatory for all hybrids, nobody will complain or at least not enough. They want to see what percentage will voluntarily do it anyways and it will be more than you think, they picked the right crowd. They voluntarily bought hybrids and paid more to save the earth. They also tend to be more affluent.

Once the first two steps are complete, we will all be given the opportunity to pay our mileage tax or a gas tax, that will lead to more people buying hybrids. Finally, all travel taxes will be based on mileage each year and now lets think the infrastructure that would be needed to accomplish such a thing. You would have to be able to require every vehicle to have some sort of tracker and be able to record their movements. Fortunately, that infrastructure is already in place. Remember when I wrote about how just about all local roads are now under the Federal government as part of the national highways system, oh, and that was done in order to bring in universal wi-fi which conveniently allows the FCC to monitor all roads under existing law?

Maybe once again, I was just lucky in being able to tell you years ago how this was all going to develop. My ex did tell me that I had lost my once incredible mental abilities, her words, not mine. I still think she was wrong; but, sometimes I wish she was right. Problem is, even she wouldn't tell you that today. It is a voluntary program that allows people who own hybrids to help pay for the roads, who could be against that? How much money would you donate towards stopping this bill?

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