Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Just lots of news

Yahoo - Reuters - Cars could drive themselves sooner than expected after European push
. When you have to have a self driving car that talks to the other cars, will you be free to take the long way or does that waste too much gasoline?

Business Insider - 10 Amazing Superpowers Humans Will Be Able To Get From Brain Implants
The "amazing" powers that the list are: 1 - Hear a conversation from across a room, or in a crowded club. 2 - Give you the ability to see in the dark. 3 - Give you sight that can zoom in on things that are far away. 4 - Make you better at maths and navigation. 5 - Allow you to download skills like in “The Matrix.” 6 - Restore damaged memories. 7 - Cure depression and control mood. 8 - Enhance focus and energy, like stimulants without the drugs. 9 - Control machines with your mind. 10 - Search the web and translate languages.

Huffington Post - Ken Langone Actually Not That Sorry About Nazi Comparison. Like any good oligarch, Mr. Langone clarified that what he is really against is democracy and anyone other than the wealthy determining the law.

The Washington Post - Artificial intelligence has an amazing future. Dystopian movies get it wrong.
Transhumanism is very similar to Luciferianism, in the end it assumes that knowledge saves us rather than wisdom. It assumes that wisdom is the natural result of intelligence; but, it is not and never has been.

Mail Online - At the gates of heaven: A new book, drawing on the stories of dying patients and doctors, will transform the way you think about your final days.

Yahoo - A family of 4 lives in this tiny, 260-square-foot home. Yet another article discussing the joys of living in a space equivalent to two parking spaces.

BBC - Algorithm appointed board director
. Would a computer vote to have slave labor?

End of the American Dream - The Era Of Chimeras: Scientists Fearlessly Create Bizarre Human/Animal Hybrids. I would say that nothing scares me more than playing God with our genes and combining them with animals or altering them. No good can possibly come of this.

Yahoo - ABC News - Rent-A-Gent Allows Ladies to Hire Hunks for Dates, Chores. This is the job I want when I retire. A trophy date.

yahoo - Did Cooper Stock really have to die?. All your travel will be tracked in the future.

Yahoo - AP - Protesters arrested in pay fight at McDonald's HQ. The peasants are revolting and the response is the same as always, ignore them, ridicule them and arrest them. Didn't work in France under King Louis.

YouTube - Allan Sherman - You Came The Wrong Way, Old King Louis. You will love this song from the great Allan Sherman.


Robbie said...

How much will you be charging, Pimpernel?

Pimpernel said...

Basically, I would be happy with gas money and a free dinner. I guess in a pinch I could go Dutch. The truth is I liked the idea as it is an excuse for dating without having to call them after or get involved with anyone.