Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Starbucks, Students and Anti-Americans

I think this is great. Starbucks is going to be giving it's workers money to pay for their college. That is just like the army; but, you don't have to kill people to get the money, just serve them coffee. Imagine that, investing in American kids to go to college knowing that many of them will leave when they get their diplomas. You know, there are people like Steve Jobs that send jobs to communist China and have the gall to say that Americans aren't smart enough to put IPhones together; but, it is nice to see a company like Starbucks that promotes education Americans. I will not buy Apple.

The Independent - Stop disability benefits ‘fiasco’, ministers told . The article is about how England changed the rules for receiving disability and left people without their needed prescriptions. They do not care about us so we better care about us.

Yahoo - The Daily Ticker - Charity begins in the mansions of the 1%: Then there's Deeb Salem.. The article says that charitable giving is up; but, gives the credit to the 1%; but, fails to show who gave the money. What a crock of garbage. The reality is that during tough times, the middle class and working class tend to increase their giving. I have run charity drives for my organization and I used to get a listing of everyone who was already on payroll deductions for charity and I regularly saw people in the lower wage jobs giving a higher percentage of their money to charity.

Breitbart - Exclusive–Sen. Jeff Sessions: Pro-Amnesty Elites Treat People as 'Commodities'. I wrote my opinion on why the conservatives would put through an immigration bill and said it was about getting cheap IT people. Good to see someone else noticed what I did. Somehow this is all tied in with allowing Central Americans to come in and them being dispersed to the center of the country. You are watching a show, it is all staged and the intent is to influence your opinion. Maybe the immigration bill will give a preference to people with degrees or that speak English or something that will favor people from China and India. Here is a quote from the article, " Rupert Murdoch also recently argued for a dramatic expansion of the controversial H1B guest worker program. Murdoch writes that “there is a shortage of qualified American candidates,” to fill jobs in STEM fields like computer services and engineering. But the evidence shows the opposite: the US graduates approximately twice as many STEM-trained students each year as there are STEM jobs to fill. There is a large surplus of unemployed Americans with STEM degrees and yet, per the Economic Policy Institute, “the annual inflow of guestworkers amount to one-third to one-half of all new IT jobs holders.” We should boycott anything owned by Rupert Murdoch. He could be doing like Starbucks; but, chooses to hire foreigners who will work for less.

Wired - This Startup Says It Can Make Any Car Autonomous for $10,000  Lets look at this a bit. Isn't it great they can make any car become self driving. One day you will be required to have a self driving car and it will show everywhere and everything that you do.

Monday the Pimpernel wrote a document which decimated a 93 page expert's report. My professional writing is very odd, unique and subtly sarcastic. It is also highly boring to me. The writing I do for work is highly commended; but, it is also very boring to do. I like writing and am good at business writing; but, it does not excite me in the same way. In business there is always a reason for writing something and an outcome; therefore, my writing is very strategic and always has escape clauses and trap doors (in case of emergency). My business writing amazes people because of my speed, depth, and laser point accuracy at getting to the heart of a matter and exposing the truth. Still, just because you are good at something does not mean that you enjoy the process. I vastly prefer to write the blog as there are no  restraints and the only intent is to explain things and discuss what is on my mind.

My goal is to teach my readers how to analyze the world around us and see what has been hidden in plain sight. It is a world of illusion and once you understand that then you begin to understand the truth. There is a red pill and a blue pill, one wakes you up and the other puts you to sleep and returns you to your delusion that the world is random. The world is not random, it is a battle between love and hate, between selfishness and love for others.

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