Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Mother In Law

I got a call today from my ex-mother in law. My ex and I had been married for 22 years and together for 24, in all that time I only ever had one disagreement with my mother in law and it was over quickly and forgotten. I love her. I love her a lot. She was with me when I picked out my mother's coffin and hates funerals. She did it because she loves me too.

She called me to thank me for some kind words I had left about her on a phone message. I told her jokes and we talked about the world, we never discussed the divorce. It was just the two of us enjoying our company. She was on the phone with me for hours. My parents and elders are all dead and she is my last elder and it felt good to enjoy her company. Her joy gave me joy.

I told her I was scared about retiring and she reassured me. She supported my choices. When the conversation ended she didn't say goodbye, she said she loved me and I said the same because it is true.

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