Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 8th, 2014

Hard to believe; but, I have been writing this blog for about 7 years, so much has changed and happened. On Friday I took my dog to the doctor for surgery, poor little guy had no idea what was coming and there was no way to tell him. He had a bunch of teeth taken out and a growth removed from his side (non-malignant). I have spent all my time with him since. He is depressed and tired which I consider to be perfectly reasonable for a dog. Anyways, I decided to post a video for you to enjoy of a young lady named Jodi Bird, please watch the whole thing. She sings a show tune and being an old stage manager I loved her delivery.

Did you know that the musical comedy is the only truly American form of theater? The greatest performer of such was Ethyl Merman, a real trooper, exactly what you needed for these types of shows. This young lady would have also exceeded in those shows.

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