Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Thoughts on Pastor Daniels

Something occurred to me today. I started wondering why the person who killed Pastor Daniels brought a liquid agent to destroy any DNA evidence. This is the type of stuff you really only see on CSI or some other type show, it is rarely done in real life. People wipe fingerprints but almost never use chemicals to destroy DNA evidence because they don't expect to leave DNA evidence. Secondly, why did they they only cover the body with the liquid rather than the whole church? It seems to imply that they intended to leave a bodily fluid on the Pastor's body in advance. For that matter, why didn't they just set the church on fire, they burnt her hair so they had matches or a lighter. They wanted the body found and if I am correct, they left something in writing (possibly in blood) on the back door as I read that the police took the door into evidence.

Anyways, I asked the kind people at WebSleuths if there had been any other such cases in the last 15 years and apparently once just occurred in Utah.

CBS KUTV - Death Investigated As Homicide in Provo 

Apparently a woman who was 60 was strangled to death in her house and her body was covered with bleach and her head with some type of drain cleaner. Now, I have never read about whether or not more than one liquid was used in the case of Pastor Daniels; but, if I were in law enforcement, I would find this an interesting  development.

As I break this down in my mind I start to reconsider what happened. The killer of Pastor Daniels broke inside the church, waited for the Pastor to arrive (which was a time that was different than the one listed on the sign out front (again thanks WebSleuths for that bit of information) indicating that the person had watched Pastor Daniels for awhile. She enterred, the killer closed and locked the door behind her and attacked her with the knife not worrying about her screaming (indicating they knew nobody would hear next door). After killing the Pastor they left a bodily fluid on her head, possibly semen, then they poured the liquid on her head to dissolve any DNA evidence. They then wrote something on the back door and left using it. As they did not leave any prints, I assume they used gloves.

I am now starting to think we may have a serial killer on our hands. I would be interested in if there are any industries that Utah and Oklahoma share such as fracking for oil or such or how many people moved from Anadarko to Utah since Pastor Daniels was killed. This would be an impossible question to ask if it were about someone from Los Angeles moving to another state, any other state. Anadarko only has like 6,000 people and this could be figured out by their post office in a matter of minutes. I am going to bet that the number of people that move to or away from there are little more than a couple.

I would also be very interested to know whether or not the body in Utah was also staged; but, that might be difficult to find out because the lady in Utah's body was discovered by her son and he tried to give CPR so he might have moved her arms and legs. In either case, I would be very interested to know how the son found his mother. I don't see him as a suspect as there would be no reason to use a liquid to remove DNA evidence as he lived with his mother and probably hugged and kissed her on occasion, I kissed my mother and father, I am sorry that I didn't kiss them more often. I should also point out that the police do not suspect the son and the two lived together. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and if he ever reads this. Please know that I do not discuss these things to bring up bad thoughts or out of disrespect. The truth is that I wrote about Pastor Daniels a long time ago and upon hearing about this latest similar case feel a responsibility to those who have followed her case to discuss this newest case.

Let us assume that two different killers did these crimes, the same question remains, why focus on destroying DNA evidence on the heads? I think the most likely reason is that the killer left semen on the heads of the victims. I have to ask myself how common this may be at murder scenes and I am going to guess that it is very uncommon. I would like to know how many elderly women were killed and had chemicals poured on their heads to hide DNA evidence. If this is a valid pattern then it would be pretty easy to find out how many other such crimes were committed in the United States since the death of Pastor Daniels.

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