Monday, August 11, 2014

Robin Williams Death and News

Robin Williams has died, they believe he committed suicide. He was one of the kings of improvisation. For anyone reading this that has been at one of my sermons they are basically improv with a point. My points may be spiritual; but, the approach is improv comedy. It is hard as it can be to make up jokes as you go along, it is an art form and he was one of the best. Will Ferrell is probably the best at improv now. I remember watching Mr. Williams in the 70's, he then did movies and got an academy award. He had many talents. Hard to believe he was only a couple of years older than me. Most comedians are shy or tortured or have faced great problems in their life, that is why they turn to comedy just like any other artist. It is hard to tell a joke that begins with, "My life is so great". May he rest in peace.

Yahoo - The Fiscal Times - In NYC, Front Doors Are for the One Percent. Yes, they are building homes where they have both the poor and wealthy and they want the poor to enter through a back door rather than the same door as the wealthy, to enter the same building that they all live in.

Yahoo - Bloomberg - Why self-driving cars will mean more traffic. If you want to understand your future, you should understand the future of movement, traffic and vehicles. Read the article and extrapolate.

Yahoo - AP - Obama wants limits on US company mergers abroad. There are those who believe in the United States; but, few corporations do and they will do anything to avoid paying taxes to the country that they benefited from being in. It is called globalism. Basically companies wish to be treated as "people" in the United States but not taxed as people. They want you to pay the taxes for them.

The Independent - Exclusive: Scientists accuse government of dishonesty over GM babies in its regulation of new IVF technique. This link is really just a reminder that we are continuing to create babies with three parents in test tubes.

Inquisitor - Affair With Kristen Stewart Nets Rupert Sanders’ Ex A Landslide Settlement. Yes, Ms. Stewart is a cheating skank; but, that is not the purpose of the link. The article attempts to imply that the man that cheated on his wife with Ms. Stewart paid a "landslide settlement" because he cheated, that is incorrect. He would have paid the exact same amount if his wife had cheated on him. You cannot bring up adultery in a divorce proceeding in California, it is a "no fault" state.

Huffington Post - The Increasing Irrelevance of Corporate Nationality. Here is a great line from the article, "In fact, since 2000, almost every big American multinational corporation has created more jobs outside the United States than inside. If you add in their foreign sub-contractors, the foreign total is even higher." Read the article, we actually give tax deductions for Research and Development and that includes when the money is spent in foreign countries, we give a tax break for creating jobs in foreign countries.

The Huffington Post - Why A Higher Unemployment Rate Is Actually Good News This Time. Here is the logic of the article, we may still be losing jobs; but, we hiring more people than before. We fired 10 people; but, hired nine new people so the economy is better, right? They will do anything to spin the truth and keep you confused.

Yahoo - My life after Manson. Can a person repent and change, watch and think and then consider if you are capable of change.

The Huffington Post - 'Too Big To Fail' Lives As Regulators Slam Banks' Living Wills. I have written about this before in regards to JP Morgan. A living will for a bank is their bankruptcy plan and their plan is to keep all the assets and have the government bail out the parts that have no assets. Making the taxpayer responsible for their failure. They are worse than a lazy government employee, they take your money give nothing back and blame you for their failure.

LA Times - New charges filed against ex-CalPERS official in corruption case. The real public pension scandal is the people who are stealing from the public pensions that we pay for with our tax dollars. Politicians and private equity companies are looting the pensions.

I have purged my computer of the links that I have been saving for you. I do hope that I an continuing to supply you with articles that you may have missed, the real trend news that we all need to know if we are to be an informed populace. As I wrote this one of my employees sent me a picture of the sunset in Hawaii. It was beautiful and I just might have to go there to celebrate my impending retirement. I love Polynesia and the people.

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