Monday, September 29, 2014

God, Financial lies and the Future

This will be a strange mix-up of things. Hope you enjoy.

TechCrunch - The World’s First Genetically Modified Babies Will Graduate High School This Year. I have written many times about how scientists are already genetically modifying people. I know a lot of people think I am writing about things that they don't have to worry about for many years. Nope. It began years ago and now genetically modified babies are graduating high school and many of them will reproduce, heck some may have already and you would not be able to tell. You or your relatives could marry one and never know it. We have no way of knowing what this will mean to the future of humans.

Let's say this first set of genetically modified humans works out just fine. Okay. We will continue modifying people until we make a mistake with consequences we could not foresee. Mistakes are inevitable. Michael Crichton was a great writer and really smart. He wrote a book called "Jurassic Park" and in the movie version one character points out that mistakes are inevitable and that life finds a way to escape boundaries. They will make a mistake in genetically modifying people and there is no way to know what the impact will be.

Gigaom - Visa: Apple Pay will pave the way for more mobile wallets that people can actually use. There will not be any more cash in the future and the future is coming quicker than people realize. That is the problem. It is already here, most people just don't know it. I don't have as much to write about anymore as everything I said is coming true. It was all true when I originally wrote about these things, it is just now becoming visible to those who didn't pay attention.

Now let's talk about God. Stephen Hawking, the douche, insists that the universe could exist without God and that if there was a God then we would be Gods and know everything. That's just bad logic. Philosophically, he is a retard. All philosophy begins with why do we exist as self aware or even as beings that experience anything. Why do we have awareness of anything? If everything is only physical then why should anything have self awareness, trees don't. Where does self-awareness come from? How can one deny the possibility of a greater self awareness? An eternal self awareness? That is just stupid and violates the principals of the scientific method.

He does not get it, most people don't. He doesn't understand why he is so severely crippled and blames God. He believes that if there was a God then he would not be punished in this manner. He is wrong and he is not being punished. Troubles are not punishments from God, that is an old concept from people who did not understand the bible. Challenges are placed before us so that we can grow. That is Toynbee, one of the greatest philosophers and historians in history. Understanding how things work is not the same as understanding the why, why things work at all.

Sorry, I think I have to write something else about never working again. I think I may have just retired. We shall see.

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