Thursday, January 22, 2015

I Have Retired

I am officially retired. It feels strange to even write those words. I don't know what this means for me; but, the time had come. I started working at 12 and worked my way through college. After graduating law school I worked in private industry for a number of years and then I went into government. I spent half my life working in government and made quite a lot of money for my municipality and was proud to be of service to my community.

My next post will be about current events and the news.


Robbie said...


Pimpernel said...

Dear Robbie,

Thank you. The first day of my retirement I received multiple calls about work. I don't think I know how to not be involved in business deals, it is what I am best at. I try to make win win situations and now I am no longer in the game, just suggestions from a voice. Be well.

sizzlingcell said...

Can I take you out to lunch Sir ?

Pimpernel said...

Dear Sizzlingcell,

A lunch would be lovely, we will talk and I will call you.