Wednesday, January 28, 2015

News, news for everyone. Maybe some comments on it.

My brother called me tonight, he wanted to correct something I had written; but, he was wrong; but, he did raise an issue about me that I agree with. He thought that teachers and preachers had a duty to interest their listeners. I disagree. I don't write for everyone, I don't waste my time teaching everyone or preaching to everyone. You are responsible for you, I am merely one of a million sources of information. I am not looking for listeners, I only provide information and hope that it reaches the ears of someone who will use it in the right way.

I have to be totally honest, I did not and do not write this blog for society. I don't publicize it and make no money from it. I don't care who agrees with me or believes me, this is not meant to become famous. The article I wrote on Pastor Daniels was not written for her family or the general public, it was for my readers and intended to get them to see beyond the obvious. I am glad that some people found value and comfort in it; but, I never expected that.

I have been collecting articles for the past month or so and have written very little, I will post the links tonight. I am not seeking agreement, I just want to make sure that the information is out for the person that will do something with it, if they find me. I am not trying to inspire people, I am leaving a trail behind for people that are already committed and inspired. It is not that I do not care about the rest of you; but, you are not going to use the information to make the world better, and if so, you are not my target audience, enjoy what you find anyways.

At my retirement a number of people talked about what they learned from me and how it helped them. It wasn't me, I just conveyed information and some people chose to use it in a positive way for them or others. That is all that my posts are meant to be, a resource. Take from it what you will.

Yahoo - Wall Street Journal - Banks urge clients to take cash elsewhere. They are turning away big depositors who don't pay fees and charging small depositors fees so that your money is their money. They don't care about you, they are not banks, they are leaches.

Money - Why Workers Undervalue Traditional Pension Plans. This is a great example of blaming the victim. The article says that workers do not want a guaranteed retirement and that they prefer 401k plans. Would you really rather worry about how the market does than have a retirement that was guaranteed? So, why is business claiming you would?

LA Times - AP - California puzzles over safety of driverless cars. This is just garbage. California has legalized self driving cars and Google has them operating in California. One recently left California and drove to Las Vegas. If you take Marijuana into Nevada you go to jail. Be in a self driving car and you get to be in the show. The powers that be want you to think that they are debating self driving cars, they are not. It will happen and quickly.

Wired - Soon Your Tech Will Talk to You Through Your Skin. Here is an interesting line from the article, "Apple’s new smartwatch can deliver taps of different intensity to your wrist to communicate everything from a new message to GPS directions". Wait, you will be retired to have a wrist communicator to get medical insurance and it will tell you when you are breaking the rules, just like Pavlov's dogs.

The Guardian - Scientists use skin cells to create artificial sperm and eggs. "Skin cells from a woman could only be used to make eggs because they lack the Y chromosome. Those from a male might theoretically be turned into eggs as well as sperm..." If male cells could be used to make eggs and sperm and theoretically, you could have your own kid. We already have kids with three genetic parents, don't disregard the importance of where we are going.

Business Cheat Sheet - How America’s Middle Class Dug Its Own Grave. This article is big business blaming you for not buying American and allowing them to outsource jobs. I didn't know I could get GM to do what I told them and once they outsourced I bought Japanese. You are not responsible for having someone rob you at gunpoint for not killing them before you knew they were going to rob you.

Yahoo - Charlie Hebdo editor: We attack religion when it becomes political. This article is a rather tricky way of justifying bad behavior by confusing two different issues. The first issue is about killing people for free speech, that is wrong. The second issue has to do with attacking religion because you don't believe in a spiritual morality. Politics is deciding what should and should not be allowed. Religions duty is to comment on such matters, not to be ridiculed for having an opinion. ALL law regulates morality and religion should point out when the law is wrong.

BBC News - 'Designer babies' debate should start, scientists say. This is like the article where they blame the middle class for the upper class sending jobs overseas. Most people don't even know that designer babies are already here and outlawing it is too late. The debate ended before most people knew it started. The first set of babies with designer genes (three parents) started over 18 years ago. The first ones have just graduated high school. You cannot put the Genii back in the bottle.

Yahoo - Curbed - The 5 mansions of the billionaire who wants America to live a 'smaller' existence. This guy has 5 mansions as large as 35,000 square feet and he thing the average American should be satisfied with 250 square feet homes so that he can buy a 70,000 square foot house. That is corporate America's view of us, not that we lift up; but, that we live on less.

Bloomberg - Hollywood Deals Stop as David Fights Goliath: Real Estate. This is one of those nonsense articles about how you have power. Some attorney slowed down a few developments that avoided following the rules; but, he didn't stop anything, he just slowed them down. The scum bags will still win because the game is fixed.

Yahoo - Reuters - 'Autisms' A More Appropriate Term Than 'Autism,' Geneticists Say. Let me start with this, the article refers to "affected individuals". Sorry, we are not affected with Autism anymore that someone is affected with their being a jerk or loving or a schmuck. This article basically says that all autistic people cannot be identified by their genes alone as we are each different. That pretty much means that it is not genetic.

Huffington Post - Income Disparity: Corporations Need to Act Now or Feel Pain Soon. I am not doubting the man's sincerity; but, he is still wrong. He argues that the problem is not that there are 1,600 people that own the wealth of a world with 7 billion people; but, that there is extreme poverty. He is wrong. I don't mind that there is extreme poverty and homelessness if people choose not to contribute. I believe that society should reward those who contribute more. The fact is that society does not reward based on contributions. Heck, how many inventions have been stolen from the inventors?

Yahoo - Reuters - Justice Department spies on millions of cars: WSJ. Soon every movement will be monitored. This is coming and when you understand and complain in 10 years, they will say you should have stopped them earlier.

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