Sunday, March 22, 2015

Flags On License Plates

I read this article, Yahoo - Reuters - Confederate flag license plate battle reaches U.S. Supreme Court. I sincerely ask my readers to read the linked article. Both sides in the battle miss the real point and present ludicrous arguments. Some people in Texas want to allow license plates to show a confederate flag. It is done in some Southern states that flew it during the time of the Confederacy already. Others argue that it represents slavery. I don't care which is true or if both are true. I think the Union won that war. Should we have to allow flags on American license plates that are from Nazi Germany, we won a war with them too.

Should we make license plates in America that show flags from the Soviet Union or Communist China? As far as slavery goes, the Union allowed slavery too and Lincoln did not free the slaves out of love, he did it to win the war and didn't want to. Most countries have had slavery at some time and use their flags on many things without offending. Nations change. People change.

While personally I would prefer that state issued license plates be random and not vanity plates, I draw the line at license plates that are not American. You should be allowed to possibly have an American flag or your state's flag. Would Texas allow it's citizens who came from California have the California flag on their states license plates? Don't allow the media to determine what issues should be considered, look for yourself and ask the deeper questions, don't be led by the nose on what is right or wrong by having the issues pre-determined by weasels who only want ratings and controversy. Don't think the reactive way that they want you to.

I don't want state issued license plates to have crosses on them to represent Christianity or flags to represent Muslims or Jews or any other religion. If we are going to prostitute our states for money to allow people to politicize license plates in any way then we have to allow all to politicize. What about allowing flags for Satanists on state issued license plates? Should state issued license plates be issued that indicate that the driver is a prostitute or drug dealer? What about plates that say you are a murderer for hire? Why not allow people to get license plates that say "Coca Cola"? The problem is not the message, it is that states are being whores in the worst sense, not selling their bodies; but, selling their souls. States should not show a preference to any belief system or that are anti-American.

What if a state became primarily Jewish....or Muslim.... or Communist... or Fascist or whatever. Should all of the states cars have to have license plates showing that perspective? Don't answer too quickly. What messages should be state supported or should none be so treated? You cannot have it both ways.

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