Friday, March 27, 2015

Why The Middle Class Is No Longer Wanted - The Stockholm Syndrome.

When there were kings who owned everything, they did not have a middle class. Have you ever wondered why there was a middle class at all? The middle class was created when societies began taking over one another. Rome could not rule the world without the worlds consent. They created go-betweens in the countries they conquered to manage their affairs from the people's living in the countries they enslaved.

After the Roman Empire ensuing empires expanded the use of the conquered to manage the countries they conquered for them, they created the middle class to achieve this goal. Once begun, the middle class began believing that they were better than the people they "managed". We even saw this on slave farms in the south where some blacks were put in charge of others and began agreeing with their oppressors. Some psychiatrists refer to this as the "Stockholm Syndrome". It is when the victim begins sympathizing with their oppressor.

The middle class was created to placate enough of the oppressed to make them control the rest. During the 60s the children of the middle class began questioning this situation. It freaked out the powerful people. The hippies shook the world, they questioned the system, they questioned authority. That was when the people that believe they own the world began using their money and influence to destroy the middle class.

The middle class was a necessary evil that is no longer needed. Technology can now be used to manage the lesser classes and even workers are needed less and less.

Yahoo - Wake up! Your retirement is your problem.

Yahoo - Billionaire: Your life is going to stink. The well meaning person that actually said this was trying to tell us that the system is already working against the best interests of the majority of us.

Huffington Post - The GOP Budget: Every Tax Loophole Is Sacred. We think we all pay taxes; but, the wealthy have just about all of the deductions, so often, they do not. This is the real system that we are dealing with, one that doesn't want us to have opportunities or choices. One that wants us to pay our way while owning everything with our consent.

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