Sunday, April 5, 2015

Detanglement Theory Spouses

I was looking up the searches that led people to my blog and one of the searches was "detanglement theory spouses". I had written a post about entanglement and soul mates. Entanglement is a quantum physics theory. It is when two particles react to each other almost instantaneously even though it is theoretically impossible for them to be effecting one another because of the distance between them. There are those who believe the same thing occurs between souls, between people. When people become emotionally entangled we call them soul mates.

Someone searched the term "detanglement theory spouses" as far as I know, that is not a concept in quantum physics. Why do you think someone would use those search terms? I assume the concept would be one regarding how two soul mates could stop being such. The fact is that once entangled they cannot be separated. The problem is that sometimes we think we are entangled, have found our soul mate; but, the reality is that we are not. Being a spouse does not mean being a soul mate all the time.

The fact that the person searched with the term "spouses" rather than "soul mates" indicates that the person who searched it is married or recently divorced and trying to figure out how to stop caring about their spouse. The answer only comes with time. Detanglement from spouses comes with time. You just have to understand that you were never really entangled, just in love and love can die. Care can remain, we can care about everyone. A different type of love.

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