Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wooly Mammoths and Stupid Scientists

The Telegraph - Woolly mammoth could roam again as extinct DNA merged with elephant. Scientists at Harvard claim to have spliced the genes from the extinct wooly mammoth with elephant dna. The belief is that they can bring back the wooly mammoth; but, in reality it is more like Frankenstein and unnecessary. The world has survived just fine for the last 30,000 years without the wooly mammoth and the elephants that do exist are now going extinct. So, what is the real purpose of the work?

All the money that is going into this project is NOT about bringing back the wooly mammoth. That will happen; but, there is another purpose to the project. Currently it is illegal to combine human dna with that from other animals; but, it is being done in China and North Korea. Investigate who is funding the wooly mammoth experiment and I bet there is U.S. government money somewhere or money from the defense industry. If you cannot experiment on humans, you experiment on animals. That is what is going on in my opinion.

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