Monday, May 4, 2015

I Had a Thought and Read Pastor Daniels Autopsy Again - I Provide No Link

I was feeling bad about something completely unrelated, my divorce, and had a thought about Pastor Daniels. It caused me to check her autopsy again. I found a couple of odd things. Firstly, it said the extremities were bound in paper bags. I never noticed that before, that is strange. It also said that the hands I don't do medical, I don't like medical things and I don't understand them, not one of my fields. Something is wrong in this case, something we have not understood, an answer to a question.

Why were her hands bound in paper, was she still alive? If not, if she were already dead, why bind her hands in paper bags? I cannot figure that out. Why did the autopsy include no information regarding the Pericardium or Peritoneum on page 4 of the autopsy, the easy answer is that they should have said normal. Where the coroner wrote about the Pancreas, he said normal and unremarkable, he commented on all the organs almost. Her autopsy says she was healthy, if overweight. Then I saw the drawing of the cuts. something is wrong. The drawings both showed the thumbs being pointed out. That makes no sense unless both showed where the wounds were to the wrists and the inside of the arms. The second drawing is of the front of the arms from the backside. Their were more cuts to the soft part of the arms than the front of the arms and only one side of the front, of her left arm.

Why didn't she fight back, why did she put her hands in front of her it the defensive position, she knew the killer and the textbook. She didn't want to hurt the killer. The key to this case is whether or not the killer entered through the front door; but, the camera showed nobody entering through the front door. They entered through the back. If they entered through the back then they either surprised her or she saw that they were already there. If she saw that they had already broken in then why not run out unless she already knew them and wanted to help them. Why did nobody hear the screams, was she trying to talk them and why the paper bags tying her hands together. It makes no sense.

Were the "defensive wounds" to the back of her arms made before or after the bags were wrapped around her hands and feet?

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