Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Truth Is Inside You and News

I noticed that a lot of people get here by searching the terns, "the truth inside you". Turns out that a whole lot of sites have used names similar to mine since I began. This is the only site that I have and I have no site of Facebook or Twitter or anywhere else. For better or worse this is my only site. Now for the two news articles.

The Independent - Self-parking Volvo ploughs into journalists after owner neglects to pay for extra feature that stops cars crashing into people. Let me see if I understand, if you don't make a car totally self driving then you still have to pay attention and be responsible? Then I guess we have to pick.

BBC - Israel ex-PM Ehud Olmert given prison sentence. This is the ex Prime Minister for Israel, the same guy that brought many people who run public pensions and placement agents to Israel to invest in Israel and he has been found guilty of fraud and taking bribes. Maybe we should check out every investment ever made in Israel that he was involved in.

Short post, have a great day.

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