Monday, June 15, 2015

Water Games for Summer

According to the Los Angeles Times, the City's Department of Water and Power is going to drain the Silver Lake Reservoir of 400,000,000 (Four Hundred Million) gallons of water and build an underground storage facility near Griffith Park.

LA Times - L.A. water department will drain Silver Lake Reservoir this summer.

Just imagine how lucky CIM group feels right now knowing that they are building an underground water reservoir just up the road that will hold 162,925,713,500 (162 billion, 925 million, 713 thousand and 500 gallons).

CIM Group - Antelope Valley Water Bank.

Now, some of you may remember when I wrote about a place in Oregon or Washington where they emptied out a similar reservoir because someone had urinated in it. They did that twice. Now, why didn't they just treat it like this water is going to be treated. Why did they just waste it?

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