Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Article about how you will be taken advantage of.

Yahoo - California water fight raises free market issues.

Here is the most important quote from the article. “Everybody is going to have the right to some water,” he says. “The argument here is whether some people can get a lot more water. And I think they will if they pay for it. We’ll be seeing water traded as a commodity.” Water is going to be traded like a commodity, certain interests have been spending a lot of time to prepare and create this new market.

Yahoo - AP - In next strike against unions, GOP states go after wage laws. Why are financial interests against Americans making a decent wage or having a say in their lives?

Yahoo - The federal government is offering million-dollar identity theft insurance to millions of workers after hack.  Someone or some organization hacked the Federal Government's Office of Personnel Management and has all federal employees personal information (address, social security code,...), as a consequence the Federal government has partnered with a company that will track all actions using the employees personal information, the internet, chatrooms a whole bunch of things. The employees get a cookie in exchange for allowing a government contractor to monitor all their activities.

Forbes - Billionaire Bunkers: Exclusive Look Inside the World's Largest Planned Doomsday Escape.  Sort of says it all; but, interesting to look at the pictures.

HC Online - Wearable technology: the end of the sickie?  An interesting line from the article, “The technology could certainly help towards [cutting sickies],” he suggested. “Employers could request that workers present data from their devices to prove that they haven’t been feeling well.”

Yahoo - Reuters - A Greek paradox: many elderly are broke despite costly pensions. The bigger story is that the west does not want to provide security or pensions to anyone once they cease to be useful.

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