Saturday, July 4, 2015

Lists and Lies

In the last few days I have come across multiple articles which claim to know what millionaires have in common. These lists are nonsense as many people do the same things and fail. Ignore them when they are posted. I will prove it. Ask yourself if lottery winners have certain traits in common and I assure you that they do.

The first thing that lottery winners have in common is that they buy lottery tickets. I don't. Oh, once in a great while I will buy one but I don't keep track of the payoff or usually know what it is. Many people share traits with the wealthy and never make it. Nicola Tesla was a brilliant scientist who created the method we use for making electricity today, it is called alternating current or AC. He met all the rules that they tell you will make you rich and still was not. Lots of people have the same traits as lottery winners and never win too.

The question is not what all winners have in common, the question is what percentage of successful people in any endeavor have that is unique to the successful. I broke a world record and was in the top ten for another. I worked hard, practiced everyday, never gave up... and a lot of other things; but, in the end, I was physically built to be able to succeed. My body shape, balance, distribution and many other things were part of what allowed me to be successful. There can only be so many world record holders, there can only be so many billionaires. Luck is always involved along with timing. Be well.

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