Thursday, July 2, 2015

Changes to the blog

Hi, not quite sure where this blog will end tonight. I guess we just have to see what comes. The starting point is figuring out if I will kill off all the prior posts (minus the ones on Pastor Daniels as I have already promised to leave those up) or just move in a new direction.

I was on this website years ago and was talking in one of the forums and someone stated that my writing had become more "spiritual". I couldn't figure out why as I had not written about God as far as I can remember. I am not an Evangelical. I figure God will lead you to others and we just have to be ourselves. We don't save people, God does. The bible says we are to have an answer for the hope that lies within us and I do; but, you get there by yourself. Others just help when you ask them questions.

The first years of this blog were dedicated to philosophy and religion. I then got off into how the world works and the third iteration of the blog has been about the news and looking deeper. I'm pretty sure that I am going to cease writing about the news as much. Here are some last news tidbits.

Rolling Stone - Matt Taibbi - The Democratic Party Would Triangulate Its Own Mother.

Rolling Stone - Matt Taibbi - Why Are So Many Pundits Trashing the Pope?

Yahoo - Business Insider - There's one glaring flaw with Microsoft's futuristic headset that no one's talking about.

Yahoo - Reuters - JPMorgan builds up apartment-loan leader from WaMu rubble.

New York Times - Calpers’s Disclosure on Fees Brings Surprise, and Scrutiny.

Smithsonian - A Genetically Modified Sheep was Sent to a Slaughter House and Sold for Meat.

Yahoo - - Toyota Camry Tops Ford F-150 as the Most American Made Car.

Huffington Post - What About a Jobs Program?

These were the most important articles in the last two weeks, if you understood why then you would not be foolishly fascinated by the supreme courts decision that congress actually meant to pass the Affordable Healthcare Act or say that states cannot prevent consenting adults to marry. The links I provided were to things that actually do and will continue to effect your life.

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