Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Confusion Over Donald Trump

I am immensely amused by the media's inability to understand the attraction of Donald Trump to voters. If I were to vote Republican, I would chose him above the others myself. If I were to vote Democrat, I would vote for Sanders. I would not vote for Bush or Clinton as they are already owned and (Ayn) Rand Paul is no better. Trump and Sanders are not just a new approach they are the outgrowth of the Tea Party and the Occupy Movement, they are the building frustration of those who know we are all being screwed by the system which has been purchased by the financial system. That is the one thing the media will not discuss about them.

How can we call ourselves a democracy when only 11% of the people approve of congress? The truth is that we don't trust the politicians and we don't trust the financial leaders, they have all sold out the United States. Here is the essence of the problem, who do you believe our politicians will work for, big business and the financial industry or Americans when their interests differ? We would like to think that they would put the interests of Americans first; but, we all know that they do not. That is why companies that outsource jobs to foreign nations still get tax breaks. Think about it.

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