Thursday, September 3, 2015

Conservative media hates Donald Trump Because He Won't Let Them Control Him

In late 1989 a friend of mine who knew Donald Trump told me how nice he was and how much they enjoyed knowing him. We will not go into why or who. At the time, I didn't think much of Trump. As the years have gone on, I haven't paid much attention to Trump and never watched the Apprentice shows. He just didn't interest me and prior to this election I never really talked about him on this blog. I never met the man.

I am not a Trump believer. I am a progressive, that should be obvious from seven years of my posts. Still, I am fascinated by how his own party and the right wingers have attacked for believing the things they have said about this country. As they cannot attack his beliefs and end up being even more extreme it exposes the party system and how it is against the people. When the people are upset, we call it popularism. It means the people are upset and want the government to address issues that are upsetting them. It is called Democracy.

In the last couple of days I have read more and more articles from the right trying to find a reason Republicans should hate him. I have seen him be accused of being a "Democrat" in sheep's clothing and of being rich because his father left him money when he died. I thought the Republicans were in favor of having no tax on inherited wealth, they have said that enough times. Oh yeah, I also read this article in multiple news sources that said Trump might not be able to govern because people like to sue him. LOL. How many times has the affordable health care law been challenged in congress since passing? I think Trump has attorneys that can respond to law suits and not take up all his time.

Once again the Republican establishment (I am including the media with the party) is going to ask him to sign a pledge not to start a 3rd party bid for the presidency. This is a loyalty oath, not to the country; but, to the Republican party. People are not supporting him because he calls himself a Republican, they are supporting him because he is expressing their need to be involved and have their wishes listened to. If he agrees to their offer, he will lose the Republican nomination and his support. People have supported him because his has not allowed the party to change his message. In my political science opinion, his best bet is to refuse to sign any promise to the party and publicly declare his promise to America to stand up for what he has proclaimed regardless of what party, to put America first.

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