Tuesday, September 1, 2015

When Morons Think They Are Lawyers

I was not going to write about this because I consider it a divide and conquer distraction; but, I cannot sleep and am bored so here goes. Some moron in Kentucky, a county clerk, has refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. The case went to the Supreme Court and the court let the lower court rulings stand which had previously decided that it was the law of the nation.

Let me explain my beliefs. Firstly, I don't think government contracts or the government are what the bible meant by marriage. Adam and Eve did not get a license from the city of Eden to have sex or be a couple. Neither did Moses and his wife. Secondly, the government has no right to decide who can sleep with whom or why. Thirdly, a government issued marriage license is no different than a government issued license for anything else, like, I don't know, driving or a death certificate. Did this idiot believe that they should not issue drivers licenses to gays?

I believe in Religious rights, I was a preacher. I believe in the bible; but, I also believe in Democracy and in Democracy sometimes you don't get to decide what the law will be. If you cannot live with that, you should not work in government. How would you feel if a county that was primarily Muslims said that Christians could not get marriage licenses in their county? Think that could not happen, look to Britain where many areas are overwhelmingly Muslim. Civil servants do not get to pick and choose which administrative acts they do based on their personal religious or political beliefs. It doesn't and shouldn't work that way.

There are two places where your opinion is irrelevant, government service and the theater. When you hire someone to work in government, you expect them to apply the law unless you voted for them to be a legislator. If they cannot live with that, they need to quit, that is the ultimate refusal. Same in the theater, if we are putting on a Star Wars show and you are supposed to be a storm trooper, you cannot insist upon wearing flip flops because your religion says so, don't be in the play. I am completely against abortion, so I wouldn't work at a hospital that performed them. I wouldn't deny them a building permit because I didn't like the business they were in, that is not the job of a civil servant.

By the way, this clerk did not refuse to give marriage licenses to adulterers, was that okay in her version of Christianity? I should also point out that you can get married at 16 in Kentucky, they used to allow you to marry your cousin too. They may still, I don't know and don't care. I wonder if they ever gave any licenses to minors in that county, I bet they did. We all know that it was illegal for whites to marry blacks. If you are not a member of the KKK you would probably be against that. What if this clerk believe that blacks marrying whites violated their religious beliefs, would that be okay?

I just checked and Kentucky does not allow first cousins to marry anymore. Before the Civil War all states used to allow it. Idiots like this clerk that claim to be Christians never see their failure to follow what the bible does say. The bible says that if you sleep with a woman, you are one with her, you are married and if you fail to make it official you deserve to die and you can only divorce them if they cheat on you. It also says that if you cheat on your spouse, you are forever an adulterer if you keep sleeping with others. The government does not get to decide who is married and who is divorced in the eyes of God.

Did you know that the Israelites used to keep the sheets from a woman's wedding night to prove that she bled and that it was her first time? I wonder if the Kentucky clerk required that when people asked for a marriage license? This is not a religious issue, this is a job issue. The job of this clerk is to issue pieces of paper to people who meet the requirements of their state to get the paper. It is pretty simple. They didn't get their jobs to decide when to give out the paper, their job is to give out the paper in the most efficient way they can and that is it. Our legislators write the laws and that is who we can effect.

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