Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What are they willing to do to you?

Yahoo - The Wall Street Journal - The Eye-Scanning ATM Is Here. Not much to say for my part, I have already written about this technology numerous times. Yes, it is real and it is going to be standard.

YouTube - 26 Creepiest Science Experiments You've Never Heard Of . I have to admit that I was aware of most of these experiments. I think the most famous corrupt experiment in America was probably the Tuskegee Experiment where blacks in the south who were part of an experiment that they thought was to take care of them were actually not treated for Syphilis which resulted in many of them dying and others living in pain with a very curable disease. What must be remembered is that this experiment went on until 1972. You should watch this short video and then ask yourself if people were willing to do these things before, what makes you think their intent has changed?

YouTube - 5 New Inventions That Will Blow Your Pants Off ◆ 3. I often write about technologies that are being finalized; but, this video is about things that are already being produced and you still probably don't know about them.

YouTube - Top 10 Medical Advances that Sound Like Science Fiction — TopTenzNet.

YouTube - Top 10 Sinister Moves Made By Tobacco Companies Continuing to Sell a Deadly Product — TopTenzNet.

YouTube - godfather of propaganda edward bernays (full length) 2013. This is not the best article on Mr Bernays; but, is a quick outline on him and you can search his name for more information. Basically he was related to Freud and used those tools to create propaganda for the government and then later to create advertising for whoever. He is the father of modern public relations and if you don't know him and his works then you will never understand why I write about the news in the manner that I do and you will not realize how you are being lied to by all medias.

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