Friday, November 13, 2015

Illegal Immigration, Trump and the Republican Party.

If you wish you can call this post "The Insincerity of the Republican Party" rather than "The Passion of the Christ". For years the Republican party has complained about illegal aliens as the root of all evil. Trump did not invent that. In fact conservatives have historically been worried about foreigners. With a decrease in the number of jobs available in America it was to be expected that people would question both legal and illegal immigration. I would like to say that it is something to consider, if we don't have enough jobs for the people of this country, why should we allow people to immigrate here? I don't care if they pick fruit or write computer programs, we have enough people to do those jobs, just pay them enough.

So after Trump made one of his biggest issues illegal immigration the other Republicans were all okay with it and some actually began using similar terms like, "Anchor Baby". There is not one Republican presidential candidate that will not say they are against illegal immigration. So, why does the Republican establishment and Trumps opponents say that we shouldn't try and remove illegal aliens from the United States?

The Washington Post - Time for GOP panic? Establishment worried Carson or Trump might win.

The above linked article is all about how the Republican party is freaked out that the Republican voters don't want paid for, party controlled politicians. Rather than listening to their members and supporters, the party believes they should be telling the voters which of their candidates they should vote for. That is the problem with parties, rather than representing the voters, they expect to control the vote and the voters options.


sizzlingcell said...

They want to control the sheep and play the part, both parties are controlled by corporations and are terrified that the people are waking up...

Pimpernel said...

Dear sizzlingcell,

The media and the political establishment are frustrated that they are not controlling the discussion. Right now they are not attacking Sanders on the left because they don't believe he could possibly win. Trump however scares the media and political establishment because he has so much support and nothing they have hurled at him seems to hurt his standing. The conservative media is not against what Trump says, they are against him setting his own agenda rather than furthering theirs.