Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Democrats Are Not Having a True Primary, It Is Already Decided.

Yahoo - AP - Big nomination lead for Clinton: pocketing 'superdelegates'.

Talk about a rigged game. Party candidates for President are eventually chosen by only the party at their conventions. People used to joke about how presidential candidates were chosen in back door smoky rooms by the power brokers. This upset people so much that they required the parties delegates to vote for who they voted them to vote for. That is to say that when you vote in the primaries, you vote for a person; but, what you are really voting for is someone who theoretically supports the same candidate that you voted for. That delegate then goes to the primary and only if a majority candidate cannot be found do they have the chance to vote for someone else. That is representative democracy. That has ended with the creation of so called "super delegates" who can vote for whoever they want and are not bound by their states primaries.

Without a single primary vote the majority of "super delegates", party establishment insiders, have already said that they will vote for Hillary Clinton. What is the point of having the primaries? Both the Democratic party and the media are dismissing Bernie Sanders because he cannot win even if he wins the popular vote. This election is a party establishment election in both parties. Both parties are also at risk of losing ANY credibility with their own supporters. If either Sanders or Trump wins the popular vote in the primaries and is not given the party support, people will leave the part.

We need to eliminate the parties and get rid of primaries. That was how we did it back in the beginning of this country. With the parties not representing who people actually voted for, why have them at all or parties?

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