Saturday, November 7, 2015

Lights and Lies

Earlier today I watched a report on how for this week planes going into LAX after midnight would have to enter from the east over communities rather than from the west over the ocean. The claim was that the military would be conducting tests over the ocean; but, the reason was not given. Fair enough, strange and unusual; but, okay. The military would not say what the purpose of the tests were. People living in the cities where the planes would be diverted seemed to accept it well enough.

Here is where it gets a little strange. Tonight a blue light was seen moving across the sky from Mexico to San Francisco and could even be seen from parts of Nevada. Here are some videos of it.

NBC Los Angeles - Bright Light in Sky: UFOs or Gov. Cover-Up; Twitter Users Speculate.

YouTube - Strange lights over los angeles UFO.

The military has claimed that the lights seen over the sky was a test of a trident missile that was launched from a submarine. Why? If the missile was submarine based, why not launch it from further out at sea, why do it in an area that forces planes to be rerouted from LAX, one of the busiest airports in the world. Here is the next question, why force the planes to reroute for a whole week? Will they continue launching missiles all week? Also, why reroute the planes after midnight when the test was done around 7:00 in the evening? Finally, why the secrecy? Why didn't the military say they would be launching missiles to test them? It's not as if they were going to go unnoticed especially after they notified LAX and residents that they would be rerouting air traffic. I guess we will have to see what is in the sky all of next week.


This was NOT a UFO and I do not understand why the media reported it as such or claimed that people were freaked out, they were not. It was a missile and immediately reported as such. The real question has to do with why they rerouted air traffic for the whole week and why the military didn't just say they were going to be testing rockets in the area or better yet, why they tested it in the area in the first place.

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