Monday, November 9, 2015

The confusing difference between philosophy and science.

Do you know the difference between philosophy and science? Philosophy starts from know fact and science starts from guesses. You don't want to believe that but it is true. Can you truly be sure of the distance between stars or is it an estimate? Explain to me why mass has more gravity than all of our math and science believes it should. Explain to me the difference between observation and experience, it is why time is not relative, only observationally so.

Let us play a game. If I observe a sun explode today and know that it took the light a billion years to reach me (my observation) then the star exploded billion years ago. Time (observational) here and there proceeded at the same speed as always, it just appeared to be at different times based on where the observer was. Time does not actually speed up or slow down anymore than light does, it is just observed at a different time. Time, by common usage, is an observational experience. This discussion is the difference between philosophy and science. Philosophy grapples with what we can prove to ourselves and science is based on observations of things that we cannot prove. Science is based upon the belief that you cannot KNOW a thing. Philosophy is based upon the fact that I can know I am. When you start denying that you exist, you can make up any lie that you feel comfortable with.

Now to the absolute best science seminar I have ever seen. I like science, I just think it has a problem with consciousness and that is foolishness.

YouTube - Professor Brian Cox Lecture on the universe.

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