Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pastor Carol Daniels - 2015 - Letter to a Newspaper

YouTube - New details uncovered in murder of Anadarko pastor.

I noticed a big increase in blot hits which used the search term "Pastor Carol Daniels" in the last couple of days and then some of them also searched for a letter. A search on the net did not bring up any newspaper articles so I searched YouTube and found the above news report. Apparently about a year ago a letter was received at a local newspaper that suggested a number of disturbing reasons why Daniels may have been killed. As a result of this the OSBI is actively looking at the case again. As far as I can tell the letter has not been released to the public.

If the letter had said that it was from the killer it would be considered evidence; but, the reliability would still be in question; however, nothing in the report claims that the writer of the letter confessed to anything. My takeaway from all of this is that the OSBI is still looking into the case. I doubt the letter proved useful as they have had it for a year according to the report. Then again, we don't know what else they may have discovered and their is always hope. I am making this post just to make it easier for people who are following this case to stay current.


Here is another link to the video; but, this one has a transcript. Apparently a woman who was in jail was questioned though we do not know what she said. What I found interesting was when the head of the OSBI said that, "the killer could be in Anadarko, the killer could be anywhere in Oklahoma". What he did not say is that the person could be anywhere in the United States and could in fact still be in Anadarko. That is interesting because it means that they in fact have someone or some specific people in mind. Remember Anadarko is a very small town with only about 6,500 residents.

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